In 2013, I completed a PhD thesis titled ‘Imaginary Cosmogonies: Secondary Worlds in English Language Science Fiction and Fantasy, 1929-present’. As the title indicates, this thesis focused on imaginary worlds (mainly literary), how world-building came to be a prominent preoccupation for writers, and how imaginary universes (or ‘secondary worlds’, in Tolkien’s terminology) are constructed.

From 2013 to 2015, I pursued a post-doctoral fellowship at Laval University, Québec, QC. My research has diversified, moving from mostly literary preoccupations to a greater awareness of the communities constructed around fictional worlds, in particular in virtual spaces. My current projects focus on communities in online immersive worlds (I have a special interest for the steampunk community and its specific productions and aesthetics), and the dynamics of immersion in virtual universes.

I currently teach English at Victor Hugo High School in Marseilles, France.

For a better idea of what I have written, see my list of published works.


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